Privately owned Airbus a380

There are enough wealthy billionaires these days to own their own private Learjet’s although back in the 1970s it was only a hand full of millionaires like Hugh Heffner and Hustler magazine owner Larry Flint who would own their own private jets. Now days there are many men and women who actually own not only these smaller versions of private jets but also the latest in traveling luxury such as the Airbus a380. As a private jumbo jet these planes cost a small fortune to keep in service as well as to have pilots, stewardesses and service people taking you from point A to point B.

In the Middle East there is a well-known Sheikh who mot only owns his own islands, airports and towns but also his own a380 Airbus. This magnificent plane has been completely modified to be one giant luxury transport method so that the Sheikh plus his family, friends and workmates can travel the world first class on all floors of the plane. Styling’s from the his and hers bathrooms fitted out with gold taps or sit in comfort and watch a movie on the giant screen just give the sense of luxuriance that every man and woman would like to experience once in their lifetime.

These private Airbus a380s are not just a means of traveling from one country to another. The distances that are traveled take up to 28 hours of flight time so the planes are now fitted out as one big luxury and multi-roomed apartments. For the Sheikh there is the essential prayer room and all these luxuries only cost an extra one hundred million dollars on top of the already expensive costs of the plane. Known as the Flying Palace, this a380 Airbus in something to be seen however as private as the Sheikh is there have only been a few people that where allowed to take a closer look other than his personal passengers.