Air bus A380

Recently there has been a big change in the world of aviation which means that now flights are quicker than ever before and there is now an airbus that can carry more people than ever before. A double decker plane with several classes for passengers we can see some very dramatic changes in the layout of these vehicles. The new A380 not only has larger and more roomy first class passenger seating but the first class passengers normally get a cabin of their own which includes a closing door for complete privacy. These cabins can change quickly from a two seat luxury room to a fully prepared bed suit which has turn down services, breakfast in bed and many other options. These big planes are also known as the limousines of the sky having more usable floor space than the next biggest plane in the fleet, the Boeing 747-400. The plane is more fuel economic and can therefore travel for longer distances using the same fuel capacity or they can travel the same travel distance using less fuel than usual.

Most of the airlines have placed their orders for the new generation of plane however there were initial delays for the building of the giant air ship because the designer wanted to be 100% sure that the plane was perfect in every way. Because of the high demand the gigantic plane will be produced nonstop over the next few decades until the quota is fully complete or another superior plane is designed and build. There is also an A380 freight version which is very good for long distance flights of freight as well as cheaper prices even though no company actually reduced their prices for overseas shipping. The flight deck is very user friendly compared to some of the very complicated planes of the past so that now the airline pilots have quicker times for solving problems and doing safety checks. All around in just about every way the new air bus A380 is one plane that will keep us traveling well into the future while the face of aviation changes to suit not only the fuel prices but also the cost of long distance traveling.

Flying with the Airbus A380

The airbus a380 is like the limousine of the sky which takes the passengers in complete luxury from one place to their destination if you are willing to pay the extra price for business and first class. The a 380 is a double decker wide plane that was built for a faster trip over long distances as well as built to hold as many people as possible without compromising safety. In 2005 the plane prototype was tested over France which was a very successful test which made the builders Airbus to start manufacturing right away. There are always complicated procedures when it comes to testing big aircraft but the a380 got through the most vigorous of tests proving to be the flying machine of the 21st century.

The upper deck of the airbus stretches the entire length of the plane just like most long haul double decker buses are. This top deck has up to 50% more space in it so that more seats are more leg room could be added for the economy passengers as well as something very special for the first class passengers. There is also a freighter version of this aircraft called the a380-800 which will be the biggest commercial cargo plane ever flown.

Flights from New Zealand to America will take hours less than the other planes and use less fuel as a result which is good for the environment and our planet. The initial delivery date of the a380 has been delayed for more testing so that the manufacturer gets everything right the first time and reduces the risk factors of flying the world’s largest passenger plane.

Due to the design the airbus reduces the cabin noise by up to 50% which is a great rate considering the noise of some of the planes that fly around with us in them. Because the airbus a380 is the biggest plane this means that they will need to lengthen many runways around the world because the airbus requires more room to stop.

The design was also integrated into some of the other ground controls such as docking on the walkway so that passengers don’t need to walk across the tarmac as well as other service vehicles that need to move or fuel the a380 can because the plane was designed with their use in mind.

Travel on the Airbus a380

There is a lot going on with the new airbus a380 from the completely different design to the fact that the manufacturers have oversold their magnificent masterpiece of engineering. The a380 airbus has been sold to multiple companies around the world involved in the aviation industry however because of the demand for this miracle flying machine the people who are making the airbus have a backlog of orders for the next several years. Each plane takes nearly 3 months or more to complete before it is tested in the air however the building company is wanting to make sure that everything is 100% tip top before they sell many to the big companies.

Further testing is one reason why this plane has not been rushed out of the factory which is a very good thing for quality control and all the people you are one day going to be flying on them. Not such good news for the companies that are waiting for their orders of new airbus a380 planes. With all of the luxury features and the ease of flying the plane these means of transporting hundreds of people in one go over very long distances in similar to driving a limousine through the sky. There are bars in the airbus as well as a fully equipped gym so that flights which are over 10 to 12 hours have the ability to keep their entire quest occupied and happy. The latest in corporate and first class facilities on these planes is nothing to be sneezed at since literally millions of dollars have been spent to make these giant buses of the air as nice as possible for everyone onboard. Individual living and traveling spaces to conference rooms have been fitted into the design to cater for even the most fussy of needs.

Airbus A380

The airbus series of jet planes has been around for many years taking passengers to and from the many different destinations all around the world. The specific design of the airbus series was for a mass commuter on long hauls across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans because of the large amount of fuel that it could carry. Recently in the last few years the Airbus a 380 has been designed and manufactured as one of the biggest and more luxurious planes for domestic traveling that has been built to date.

If you look inside at the floor plan of the airbus a380 you will see that not only have they made more room for the passengers in all classes but they have also added some extra parts to the plane that previously only private planes had. A bar is the more popular one while the modern gym is also something that people can use while they are spending up to 10 to 30 hours in the air. These little conveniences make traveling just that much more bearable which will have you feeling better that average when you land at your destination.

The first class passenger lounges offer a private cubicle with beds and other amenities which are completely closed off from the rest of the people onboard. This is the perfect place to have a good night’s sleep, get some piece and quite from screaming kids or hold an important meeting with clients who are either on the plane on via internet or satellite telephone. The privacy does cost up to $10,000 or more per flight however for the first class passengers this way of traveling is one that is worth the extra cost as well as the extra services like the complementary Champaign and the bed turn down service.

All about the Airbus A380

Many people have heard of the Airbus A380, which is a very large commuter aircraft designed to take several people (525-853 individuals). It has this capacity because it has a double deck setup where a a group of people on the bottom floor can sit and some on the top floor as well. It is also known as a Superjumbo jet and was created to carry people between Singapore to Sydney. It is the largest passenger airplane and is classified as a VLA (Very Large Aircraft) designed to carry more than 400 passengers at a single time. The locations in which they will be used will increase as no special changes to runways are needed because the plane distributes its weight on several wheels during landing and takeoff.

Use in Asia is expected to rise to much higher numbers as there are more and more people going to airports than ever before. This congestion would call for many more airplanes and would indeed congest the skies even more. By taking advantage of the Airbus A380, countries like Asia could decrease the amount of aircraft in the skies and improve the air quality by using alternative fuels with less sulfur. The fuel mixture will contain standard jet fuel and a mixture of GTL (gas to liquids) fuel that is produced with less sulfur. This configuration in terms of fuel usage per passenger means a 20 percent decrease in fuel usage per passenger of the Airbus A380.