Lufthansa Technik Presents Airbus A380 VIP

Airbus A380 is not just a jet for mere immortals, but one of the toys that rich boys will enjoy. This is because aircraft interior specialist company Lufthansa Technik signed an agreement to be in charge with the interiors of the private jets that millionaires and billionaires will buy. The company has the opportunity to make the decoration of the Airbus A380 jets that will belong to individuals. And there is plenty to design on this aircraft, keeping in mind the simple basic fact that it has two stories. 

On the area of approximately 10,000 square feet, Lufthansa Technik plans to have lounges, meeting rooms, dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and many more. The personnel will have its own space, of course, while the personal space of the owner will be arranged in order to allow him a pleasant flight, enough and appropriate space for business flights and large rooms for his guests. 

Thanks to the sketches you are about to see, Lufthansa Technik showed how an empty shell place can be easily transformed into a luxurious flying palace. Of course, the designs presented are not mandatory for the clients that desire to buy the jet, they are just suggestions offered to make their job easier.

A sketch of how the main deck of the Airbus A380 VIP may look:


And one of the upper deck of the same Airbus A380 VIP, in the vision of Lufthansa Technik:


But these sketches were not all that Lufthansa Technik offered to those curious to see how the jets of the rich people of the world will look on the inside. An animated video was made to show all the details of the interior design of the 21st century most luxurious jetliners. You can watch it bellow.

The market for the Airbus A380 isn’t expected to exceed a dozen of clients. However, Lufthansa Technik is ready to assist the customers to make the best choices. All their queries will be made reality by the specialist of the company in order to obtain unique individual designs for all the VIP jets sold to the most powerful people in the world.