Flying with the Airbus A380

The airbus a380 is like the limousine of the sky which takes the passengers in complete luxury from one place to their destination if you are willing to pay the extra price for business and first class. The a 380 is a double decker wide plane that was built for a faster trip over long distances as well as built to hold as many people as possible without compromising safety. In 2005 the plane prototype was tested over France which was a very successful test which made the builders Airbus to start manufacturing right away. There are always complicated procedures when it comes to testing big aircraft but the a380 got through the most vigorous of tests proving to be the flying machine of the 21st century.

The upper deck of the airbus stretches the entire length of the plane just like most long haul double decker buses are. This top deck has up to 50% more space in it so that more seats are more leg room could be added for the economy passengers as well as something very special for the first class passengers. There is also a freighter version of this aircraft called the a380-800 which will be the biggest commercial cargo plane ever flown.

Flights from New Zealand to America will take hours less than the other planes and use less fuel as a result which is good for the environment and our planet. The initial delivery date of the a380 has been delayed for more testing so that the manufacturer gets everything right the first time and reduces the risk factors of flying the world’s largest passenger plane.

Due to the design the airbus reduces the cabin noise by up to 50% which is a great rate considering the noise of some of the planes that fly around with us in them. Because the airbus a380 is the biggest plane this means that they will need to lengthen many runways around the world because the airbus requires more room to stop.

The design was also integrated into some of the other ground controls such as docking on the walkway so that passengers don’t need to walk across the tarmac as well as other service vehicles that need to move or fuel the a380 can because the plane was designed with their use in mind.