Airbus A380 Operators

Airbus A380 is a double-decker jet airliner manufactured and produced by Airbus for commercial flights around the world. Since the first test run flight in 2005, Airbus A380 has become a more and more present jet airliner in the sky. The productions of the aircraft have been developed in the past few years, as the new and improved models of Airbus A380 have come under consideration. The main operators of several Airbus A380 have placed their marks on the designs of the aircraft. The operators were presented with general models of the Airbus A380 on which they could add features suitable for the locations in which the aircraft is to be used.

At the last count, in July 2011, there were 50 operational Airbus A380 in the world. 15 of these belong to the United Arab Emirates of the Dubai International Airport. The main internal structure of the aircrafts has been modified in order to meet the needs of the people flying in it, in terms of style, class and comfort. One of the main interesting additions to the aircrafts was the installment of bar booths for the passengers. With this trendy and fun addition to the aircraft, the passengers have a lot more appreciation for the treatment offered during the flight. The Singapore Airlines is the owner of 17 aircrafts of this kind. In addition to these two major owners, other smaller holders of the aircraft are: Qantas with 9 pieces, Lufthansa with 7, Air France with 6 and Korean Air with 1.

Most of the Airbus A380 were contracted in the period between 2007 until 2009, by the major investors in a larger number of aircrafts. In 2010 and 2011, other operators joined the users of Airbus A380, but with smaller numbers. The aircrafts operated travel in various regions of the world and they offer the passengers a flight experience they will never forget. The features and the fixtures of all the aircrafts have been designed to diminish the feeling of speed, the noise of the engine and to increase the sensations for comfort, relaxation and safety in the air.