Airbus A380 Crash

As you may have already heard, or watched the countless videos recounting the infamous Airbus A380 crash at Oshkosh, this happened to one of the most unique but dramatic landings caught on film. Below you find some details about the crash, but first, here’s some interesting facts. In essence, it’s known as the biggest passenger jet on the planet. It holds a whopping 840 passengers thanks in part to its two passenger decks. Airbus threw caution to the wind and used a budget of nearly $15 billion to develop and perfect the A380.

Little wonder the Airbus A380 crash made the headlines. What’s truly strange about the crash is the jumbo jet liner never left the ground. The flight crew of Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies or (ADAT) were responsible for the crash. The Airbus had not been taken out for any airtime and sat in its hangar in Toulouse, France, when the flight crew decided to do pre-delivery tests on the ground. ADAT was running tests like engine run ups before the plane was to be delivered to Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi. The aircraft was virtually empty when the crew powered up all four engines.

It is reported that they had read any of the run up manuals and were unaware of how light an A380 with no passengers would be. Because all four engines were going at full power, the takeoff warning horn blew and the aircraft computers assumed they were planning to takeoff. One member of the crew tried to silence the alarm by pulling the circuit breaker located on the Ground Proximity Sensor. This caused the plan to believe it was in the air and the computers automatically released all the brakes, propelling the aircraft forward and causing the Airbus 380 to crash.