Flying with the Airbus A380

The airbus a380 is like the limousine of the sky which takes the passengers in complete luxury from one place to their destination if you are willing to pay the extra price for business and first class. The a 380 is a double decker wide plane that was built for a faster trip over long distances as well as built to hold as many people as possible without compromising safety. In 2005 the plane prototype was tested over France which was a very successful test which made the builders Airbus to start manufacturing right away. There are always complicated procedures when it comes to testing big aircraft but the a380 got through the most vigorous of tests proving to be the flying machine of the 21st century.

The upper deck of the airbus stretches the entire length of the plane just like most long haul double decker buses are. This top deck has up to 50% more space in it so that more seats are more leg room could be added for the economy passengers as well as something very special for the first class passengers. There is also a freighter version of this aircraft called the a380-800 which will be the biggest commercial cargo plane ever flown.

Flights from New Zealand to America will take hours less than the other planes and use less fuel as a result which is good for the environment and our planet. The initial delivery date of the a380 has been delayed for more testing so that the manufacturer gets everything right the first time and reduces the risk factors of flying the world’s largest passenger plane.

Due to the design the airbus reduces the cabin noise by up to 50% which is a great rate considering the noise of some of the planes that fly around with us in them. Because the airbus a380 is the biggest plane this means that they will need to lengthen many runways around the world because the airbus requires more room to stop.

The design was also integrated into some of the other ground controls such as docking on the walkway so that passengers don’t need to walk across the tarmac as well as other service vehicles that need to move or fuel the a380 can because the plane was designed with their use in mind.

Airbus a380 Vertical Take-off and Air Show

The Airbus a380 is simply Amazing! Here is a HD Video of the Airbus a380 with a vertical takeoff! Plus an amazing Paris Air show 2013. A vertical take-off and some acrobatic maneuvers are what you will see in this video. French Navy pilots have been testing the Airbus a380. This is one of the best and most amazing A380 performance you will ever see.

Airbus 380 Commercials

Airbus 380 is a double decker, being often called a limousine of the sky. It takes passengers in wonderful luxury to many destinations in the world. Trips are now faster and more comfortable than ever, but also safe.

Airbus 380 makes less noise and consumes less fuel in spite of its huge size. This airbus has become popular in many places on earth and many airlines run it. Airbus 380 commercials are great and they increased the popularity of this incredible plane. Some of the most popular commercials are:

Quantas Airbus A380 commercial:

A new Quantas 380 TV commercial:

The Emirates A380 ad:

Korean Air A380 TV commercial:

Quantas A380 “Shadow” TV commercial:

All these commercials emphasize the impact that A380 had in the world for many airlines, but also for passengers. Such ads inform, but they also offer a great alternative to people who plan a flight. Now, with Airbus 380, they can choose luxury, comfort and safety.

The New A380-900

Five years ago the Airbus A380 leap above Changi Airport on its first commercial flight to Sydney. It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since this event happened.

Meanwhile, the Airbus A380 is something common at Sydney Airport with Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines. Thai Airways expects to have a Sydney-Bangkok A380 service late next year.


Nonetheless, Malaysia Airlines canceled its plans to run an A380 from Sydney and Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. Still, British Airways, Qatar, Virgin Atlantic, Asiana Airlines and Etihad will adopt the A380 as the flagship of their fleet.

Airbus has already manufactured 86 A380s and other 176 will be ordered. Each of them will cost A$377m (US$390m) each. Many of these A380s will be refreshed. Thus, the aircraft’s range will be boosted and its weight will be reduced, so there’ll be extra powers from the engines.


In 2020, a new superjumbo will be released, which is bigger than A380 and will be called the A380-900. There are airlines that have a great opinion about A380, but a bigger jet airliner would be perfect for them. Until now, only Air France-KLM and Lufthansa reported interest in a 1,000 seat version of the A380-900.


Even the new jet liner will look much better and will be larger, the A380 interior is also great. Its setup interior features a three-class configuration, a twin-aisle, twin-deck passenger cabin, which provide a high level of comfort and space. There is also optional lower deck use for rest areas, bar, business or various amenities that can make the A380 travel experience great.

If most airlines focus more on efficiency rather than luxury, the A380 offers both of them, which is great. It also uses great engines and new technologies to increase fuel efficiency. Until a new larger jet liner will emerge, the A380 will remain one of the world’s largest planes ever.

Lufthansa Technik Presents Airbus A380 VIP

Airbus A380 is not just a jet for mere immortals, but one of the toys that rich boys will enjoy. This is because aircraft interior specialist company Lufthansa Technik signed an agreement to be in charge with the interiors of the private jets that millionaires and billionaires will buy. The company has the opportunity to make the decoration of the Airbus A380 jets that will belong to individuals. And there is plenty to design on this aircraft, keeping in mind the simple basic fact that it has two stories. 

On the area of approximately 10,000 square feet, Lufthansa Technik plans to have lounges, meeting rooms, dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and many more. The personnel will have its own space, of course, while the personal space of the owner will be arranged in order to allow him a pleasant flight, enough and appropriate space for business flights and large rooms for his guests. 

Thanks to the sketches you are about to see, Lufthansa Technik showed how an empty shell place can be easily transformed into a luxurious flying palace. Of course, the designs presented are not mandatory for the clients that desire to buy the jet, they are just suggestions offered to make their job easier.

A sketch of how the main deck of the Airbus A380 VIP may look:


And one of the upper deck of the same Airbus A380 VIP, in the vision of Lufthansa Technik:


But these sketches were not all that Lufthansa Technik offered to those curious to see how the jets of the rich people of the world will look on the inside. An animated video was made to show all the details of the interior design of the 21st century most luxurious jetliners. You can watch it bellow.

The market for the Airbus A380 isn’t expected to exceed a dozen of clients. However, Lufthansa Technik is ready to assist the customers to make the best choices. All their queries will be made reality by the specialist of the company in order to obtain unique individual designs for all the VIP jets sold to the most powerful people in the world.

Emirates A380 – Jewel in the Sky

The Emirate Airlines have been the first ones to make the acquisition of Airbus A380 airplanes, as they easily understood that a transport means through the air with this capacity, with these features and with what the Emirates can do with it is the best solution for arriving in Dubai in style. Dubai is one of the most well-known cities of the world for its richness and for its elegance. That is why the Emirates have their personalized Airbus A380, now called Emirates A380, on all the international routes to the main capitals of the world. The company has also placed an accent on the features that were added to the airplane, as these have set a new bar for the hight of class in the air!


  • Ice Entertainment System is the one which provides people with some perfect distraction throughout their flight. No matter what you are thinking of, you can have it here, from movies, news and TV shows, to games, music and more.


  • Internet is a mandatory resource in today’s world. Whether you like to keep in touch with the people close to you or must prepare for a business meeting on the way, you have access to OnAir Wi-Fi.


  • World class reputed food and drinks create the best features for a wonderful flight. This is one of the few airplane meals that you can think about with cravings.


  • Relaxation can come in various forms and for all the passengers. If you are not First Class, you can still relax with the help of the flat-bed seats that stretch out and allow you to be a lot more comfortable.


  • First Class Private Suites are designed for those looking to have their own time during their flight and not to be bothered with anything, while still taking advantage of the best available services.


  • Onboard Lounges are available for First Class and for Business Class passengers, so that they can relax, socialize, have a snack and so on.


  • Shower Spa is a signature feature for the Emirates A380, in which you can relax and refresh yourself before the departure.


With all these features of the amazing Emirates A380, it is easy to understand why this is a jewel in the sky and that anyone traveling in it is very lucky. Therefore, if you are ever on your way to or from Dubai, you should scout for the Emirates A380 for the best flight experience you will have in your life!